A Word From Our Lead Advisor

While I never anticipated stepping into a leadership role in the Pennsylvania Community Safety Alliance and seemingly I was the one who most closely fit the criteria that were thought to be needed at this time.

I am non-law enforcement and have no political affiliation that would sway my efforts. I am a 1976 graduate of the Tuskegee University College of Veterinary Medicine. I spent a number of years practicing in Chicago and Ohio and I completed an Internship and Residency Veterinary Pathology, these allowed me to initially develop skills in interacting with people of all walks of life. People do love their animals and as a Veterinarian I had to deal with the person in order to help the animal. In 1982 I became a Veterinary Technician Educator and ended my education career in 2018, which ended 36 years of helping to develop veterinary professionals at three nationally recognized institutions SUNY Delhi, Michigan State University, and Alfred State College, the program I started in 1999. During those years I was also a member and chair of several national and international professional committees supporting the veterinary technician profession.

August of 2020 I was approached by Wendy Dresser-Recktenwald, Chief of Staff of Human Resources and the Center for Community Education and Training to consider taking on the role of Chief Diversity Officer for the Alfred State College Police Academy, based on my years as an educator and my experiences on national and international professional committees. I began this role with the Alfred State College Police Academy on Aug 17, 2020. My goal is to build a great police academy at Alfred State College and develop academy graduates who represents and respects everyone in the neighborhoods they will serve and protect! As I worked on this goal we began discussing Virtual Reality Systems, which took us to Mansfield University where I had the opportunity to meet Scott Henry and had my first introduction to the activities of the Pennsylvania Community Safety Alliance and the founder, who I was told I had to meet, Chick Lee. October 13, 2020, I was invited to join in on the PA Community Safety Alliance zoom meeting after being introduced to Chick Lee by Scott Henry. I was immediately drawn to the activities of the Alliance in their efforts to build lasting positive bridges between the community and law enforcement and especially to Chick’s positive personality!

I knew Chick for a brief 3 1/2 months but it seemed like I had known and worked with him for years. In that time I was committed efforts to do everything I can to contribute to the success of the Alliance and the projects it has undertaken! After Chicks untimely passing, I was approached and asked to possibly step into a leadership role with the alliance, I accepted and I promise to do everything possible to both show my gratitude and efforts to sustain your faith in me and to continue with Chick’s belief in the idea that we are stronger, safer, and more prosperous together than apart!

“Pennsylvania Community Safety Alliance is dedicated to improving the quality of life for every child, every family and every neighborhood by re-imagining what is possible when we align around the common desire to realize a safe and thriving society. We work at the neighborhood level, the community level, and across state systems to infuse empathy and equity into Pennsylvania community safety, building and nurturing trusted relationships and just and effective law enforcement services.”

“We invite you to join us as we revitalize community safety one neighborhood, one agency at a time. Chick Lee”

I vow to uphold the ideals of the Founder Chick Lee, and to make every attempt to expand his beliefs across this great country of ours!

Melvin C. Chambliss, DVM
Lead Advisor

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