Pennsylvania Community Safety Alliance forms

Dated: Wednesday October 28, 2020

A group of dedicated professionals from an array of disciplines who’ve been convening for more than a year around law enforcement strategies has formalized, becoming the Pennsylvania Community Safety Alliance. The goal of the Alliance is to equip officers in Pennsylvania law enforcement with enhanced skills based in empathy, equity, and human relationship, and to provide the support officers need to ensure that the people of Pennsylvania flourish in safe and secure environments. The group is focused on standardization across the law enforcement continuum in recruitment, training, and professional support, and in re-energizing community policing efforts throughout the state.

Safe neighborhoods and campuses are more likely to exist when community and law enforcement co-design public safety and policing strategies and systems that are responsive to unique needs and aspirations. From state universities to private colleges, communities represented by thousands of agricultural acres to those encompassing a single city block, this initiative re-imagines public safety and community policing by harnessing the knowledge and expertise of a national coalition of agencies and associations.

“We have seized an opportunity to bring resources and experts together to assess where we are as a state in building and sustaining the best law enforcement protocols,” said Scott Henry, Director of Public Safety at Mansfield University. “We hope to develop a framework that can be implemented around the country.”

In one aspect of its work, the Alliance is supporting the implementation of legislative reforms. Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf recently signed into law two police reform bills, one establishing a database for efficient background checks on officers, the second requiring mental health evaluations for officers involved in deadly force incidents as well as training for police officers on trauma-informed care, use of deadly force, de-escalation and harm reduction techniques, community and cultural awareness, implicit bias, procedural justice and reconciliation techniques.

Members of the Alliance range from the Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office to the National Association of Black Law Enforcement Officers, partnered with specialized training professionals and equity-building organizations. It will operate under the fiscal sponsorship of the Pennsylvania Crime Prevention Association, supported by the Emergency Response Training and Certification Association.
“The strength of this initiatives is the diverse group of professionals we’ve drawn to the table,” said Chick Lee, a founding stakeholder. “The wisdom and passion of members makes the work incredibly effective.”

The Alliance will launch its first equity-based training program on Campus Policing in January 2021 with curriculum that blends traditional tactical training with human-focused skill development. K-12 and municipal law enforcement programs will follow, along with youth and community education and public policy work.

The January training will be five full days of experiential and engaging sessions that will prepare campus law enforcement participants to work effectively is diverse campus environments. For additional information about PCSA training, please contact us by email at

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